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Oct 13 2007 - Press Release


TNT and Deuces were Wild at Lancaster on Oct 13

Ted Barnes had a Royal Flush!


When the Joe’s Transmission TNT Super Series rolled into Lancaster Dragway on Oct 13 for the final event of the year, Ted Barnes had no idea what was about to happen.  There was also a ‘Deuces are Wild Box/No-Box Shootout’ that same day.  The temperature was a sharp 50°f and the density altitude never really made it over 1000’.  Combine that with a brisk cross wind and you have excellent conditions for running in 2 classes.

Harry Phelps from Newark, NY was the first to take advantage of things in TNT Hot Rod - scooping the #1 qualifying position and the $50 Hoosier Canada certificate with his near perfect 7.001.  Qualifying 5th, Ted decided to run both TNT Hot Rod and Box ET classes.  In Hot Rod, he had to deal with strong competition from the likes of Jamie Stoneman, Dave Surmatchewski and Gary Kerl.  In the final, he met up with Ross Booker from Binbrook, Ont.  Almost dead even off the line (Ross’s .510 to Ted’s .512), Ted took the win running 7.013 to Ross’s 7.051.

At the same time, Ted was making his way to the Box ET final.  There he met up with Joe Passero and won with a 7.06 on a 7.00 dial to Joe’s 5.32 on a 5.24 dial.  The icing on the cake was his final win of the day in the ‘King of the Hill’ race between Box and No-Box!  Ted & Bill made a massive 12 runs in eliminations that afternoon in the span of only 3 hours. “We were going down the track about every 15 minutes,” said Ted. “The car was deadly consistent all day.  We had luck on our side too.  When I missed the tree in 2nd round of Hot Rod, the car pulled me through running dead-on with a 5!”

Crew chief Bill did the most work that day.  “My job is to keep Ted focused.  I clap my hands at the starting line telling him I like what I see,” said Bill.

Ted would like to thank Performance Improvements, Top Quality Transmission, F&M Signs, Steel City Spring and Skyway Golf Carts for all their support.  “I also want to thank Joe Bonifero from Joe’s Transmission in Niagara Falls, Ontario.  Without Joe’s help, this series wouldn’t have been as successful as it was.  But most of all, I want to thank my Dad.  He’s there at every single race and gives 110%.  I couldn’t do this without his support.”


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